TP-Link TL-SG108-M2 | 8 port 2.5G Multi-Gigabit Desktop Switch

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TP-Link TL-SG108-M2 | 8 port 2.5G Multi-Gigabit Desktop Switch

Easy Smart Switch is an ideal upgrade from Unmanaged Switch, designed for Small Office and Home Office networks. The switch supports the following features:

Traffic monitoring: Port mirroring, loop prevention, and cable testing enable the administrator to monitor the traffic on the network effectively

VLAN: MTU VLAN, Port-based VLAN, and 802.1Q VLAN can restrict broadcast domain enhance network security and help manage devices easily

QoS: Port-based QoS, 802.1P-based QoS, and DSCP/802.1P-based QoS optimize traffic on your business network, and keep latency-sensitive traffic moving smoothly. Bandwidth control helps distribute and utilize network bandwidth reasonably. Storm control helps avoid network broadcast storm.


  • Eight 2.5 Gbps Ports. 8× 2.5-Gigabit ports unlock the highest performance of your Multi-Gig bandwidth and devices, and provide up to 40 Gbps of switching capacity
  • Super-Fast Connections. Provides super-fast connections to 2.5G NAS, 2.5G Server, gaming computer, 2.5G WiFi 6 AP, 4K video, and more
  • Ideal for Various Scenarios. Built for LAN parties, home entertainment, small and home offices, and instant transfer for workstations
  • Hassle-Free Cabling. Instantly upgrade to 2.5 Gbps without the need to upgrade to Cat6 wiring, reducing wiring costs and hassle.** 
  • Silent Operation. Industry-leading fanless design ensures silent operation, ideal for any home or business
  • Plug and Play. Allows for easy deployment without the need for a technician
  • Metal Casing. Durable metal casing and desktop/wall-mounting design are well-suited for different environments

360° Rotating Display of TL-SG108-M2


3-year limited warranty


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