Updated 04/01/2021

All prices shown on this website are in Australian Dollars, are subject to change without notice, and include Australian 10% GST. We are a Tax Registered Business (ABN 42 137 459 459) and will provide a tax invoice with all goods sold. The shopping cart will display the total (inc GST) price, and you may view the base (ex-GST) price by clicking any product code on the left-hand side. Your order-confirmation e-mail will also show the ex- & inc-GST total, and you will receive a Tax Invoice from us, available from the Member Area, once we have accepted your order and shipped it.

Prices change from time to time; we do endeavour to be accurate, and we will contact you if a price has changed significantly from our published price when you place your order. If a price has significantly changed from an original quotation, we will endevour to provide you with the same price however in some cases a new quotation may need to be issued - please note that an order is an offer to purchase, and does not constitute a binding contract until it is accepted by us - we acknowledge acceptance of your offer by shipping your order.

Please note that, due to the nature of the computer industry, prices on many components are always falling over time, and we can't credit or refund the difference for any price drop after we have allocated part of your order.

Quotes are valid for 7 days unless stated otherwise.

Restrictions: Purchase of Restricted Goods, such as MA15+ and R18+ Games, is subject to various Commonwealth, State and Territory laws. By placing an Order for any Restricted Goods you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older, where you order products that are classified R18+, and 15 years of age or older, where you order products that are classified R15+.

We will pick the most appropriate freight service to get your order to you as quickly as possible. For orders placed in Sydney prior to Midday, we can usually promise next-business-day delivery for all stocked items, and around 2-3 days for those needing to be ordered in. For orders containing bulky items, our couriers do not provide a standard installation service, this is usually at an extra charge depending on the case. For installation please contact us and we can see what can be arranged. For orders containing a backordered item, if atleast half the order is in stock, we will part ship the order unless stated otherwise in the order notes.

If you give us an incorrect delivery address (eg mis-typed street, wrong postcode, or house number) and your order has already been handed to a courier, we will try to get it re-directed, or returned to us, but we can not accept any liability, or offer any refund/replacement, should the parcel fail to be delivered to you as a result of an incorrectly-given address. If your order has been declared as RTS (return to sender) there will be a re-shipping charge and possibly an RTS fee depending on the courier, if you prefer a refund, we will refund the current selling price of the product. If we fail to hear back from you within 30 days we will refund the order minus the shipping fee.

Deliveries which are lost in transit or become damaged during transit require a case to be created with the courier. Typically a case resolution is received in approximately 1-2 weeks. Most couriers require the case to be created before 2 weeks past the original delivery date if damaged in transit so please contact us ASAP if you have received a damaged shipment. Please also keep all original shipping boxes and packaging if you have received a damaged item.

Whilst our website does indicate that a product is/isn't instock, the sheer volume of products being invoiced daily may result in stock running out before the website updates the in-stock indicator. We recommend that you contact us to confirm availability of any product if you have an urgent need/time constraint on it's delivery to you. Interstate & country areas can expect a 2-3 day freight time. If you are not present at the address given for delivery, the couriers may take it back to their depot or pickup point. If you do not have a pickup point close to your address, they will usually leave the package in a safe place.

Most components we supply are covered by a 365 days manufacturer's warranty (some are longer), for the original purchaser only. Some parts, such as Netgear/D-Link parts, most monitors, and printers, have additional express warranties provided by their manufacturers where the manufacturer will often ask you to deal with them directly, instead of us - if a manufacturer offers this, and your goods are not DOA (Dead-on-arrival - faulty within a short period after purchase), you are encouraged to deal directly with them, as this will provide the fastest and often most convenient service outcome to you.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods replaced or repaired if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by manufacturer-refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Manufacturer-refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

For parts tested to have manufacturing defects a short period after their invoice date (DOA), we will replace them from our stock where possible, or offer you a refund/exchange for similar goods. Goods that have had a fair amount of use are entitled to be repaired.

If the goods have had a fair amount of use, we may deduct a ACCC-allowed restocking charge from any refund/exchange offer made, see "Restocking Charges" below for more details.

Goods that will not work when run outside their manufacturer's published specification (eg overclocked), but work fine when run in spec, are not considered faulty, and warranty claims on goods that show evidence of modification/overclocking/damage will be denied.

We do not send out replacement parts in advance of receiving the original parts back for testing - please buy from a vendor that offers on-site advance hardware replacement service contracts (such as HP) if you need this level of service.

Goods returned which have been found with user inflicted physical damage such as broken screens, bent pins in CPU sockets or rough use will be rejected by the manufacturer and unable to be processed for RMA. There may be a return postage fee if this is the case.

If service work is required to do the replacement (such as replacing a part in a PC that we did not install), then labour will be charged at the workshop rate (currently $77.00 / hour inc GST).

You should contact us by e-mail if something is not working after you receive it. To start the Return Authorisation process, please log in to your account and select the relevant order - use the messaging centre to give us the details of your return. Note that warranty is valid for the original purchaser only - we don't handle goods that have been bought second-hand, to prevent disputes over who owns the goods.

All goods to be returned, faulty or unwanted, will require a Return Authorisation Number before they can be returned . This is as much for your benefit as it is for ours, since a review of goods returned as "faulty" revealed that most were incorrectly installed/configured, had driver/software compatibility issues, or conflicts with other hardware not disclosed to us, and most of these could have been resolved without returning them, and saving you the postage cost. Without a RA number, it is also difficult to identify who sent the goods, or why they were sent back. Unidentified goods returned without authorisation may not be accepted, or held aside pending the issue of a RA number.

We do provide in-house customer-assembled-system troubleshooting for parts we have sold at $77.00 (inc GST) per hour including GST.

As more than 50% of all goods returned are found to be working OK, we are forced to charge a minimum of $33.00 inc GST for testing and returning goods found to be non-faulty, so please be sure to test them yourself and explore all possibilities for configuration prior to contacting us. Testing and returning non-faulty goods to manufacturer's agents takes time and labour on our part. There may also be a re-shipping charge back to you if the returned products are deemed as not faulty and in a non-resalable condition.

If unwanted and non-faulty parts (returned as "faulty", but subsequently tested to be OK) are returned in a non-resalable condition, we may be forced to sell them as used or below our cost. Computer components are especially prone to depreciation due to the rapid pace of new hardware being released, and tend to lose value fairly quickly. If these costs are not paid by those who returned them, they would have to be "shared" by others, which is not fair to all. Note that anything that was assembled for you or user configured, and some specific parts, such as Storage, RAM, Networking, Headsets, Graphics Cards, Licenses and UPS products, may not be returned for "change of mind" or incorrect choice.

In the event of an unopened and unused change of mind or incorrect purchase, we are usually happy to refund up to 85% of the purchase price, not including shipping if returned within 7 days. Certain products such as Storage, RAM, Networking, Licenses and all battery related products are unable to be returned for change of mind. Products which have been specially ordered in for you may also not be returned for change of mind.