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Socomec NET-VISION8CARD: The Ultimate SNMP Communications Card for UPS Monitoring and Management

Enhance your network management and UPS monitoring capabilities with the Socomec NET-VISION8CARD. Designed for seamless integration with Netys PR RT, ITYS3, Netys RT3, and Masterys UPS systems, this advanced SNMP communications card ensures reliable administration and shutdown of multiple servers in a LAN environment. The NET-VISION8CARD provides robust cybersecurity features and supports 1Gb network compatibility, making it an indispensable tool for IT professionals.


Stay connected and secure with the NET-VISION8CARD’s multi-user login and password controls, which prevent unauthorized access. Benefit from real-time alerts via email and SNMP agent TRAP notifications to stay informed of your UPS status. Additionally, the WakeOnLan feature allows for remote server restarts, ensuring minimal downtime.


The NET-VISION8CARD is equipped with advanced synchronization capabilities through NTP/NTS, keeping your UPS clock accurate. The inclusion of JNC protocol ensures orderly server shutdowns, complemented by additional protocols like SSH, RADIUS, and SYSLOG for enhanced communication and security. This card also functions as an IoT Gateway for digital services, providing versatile connectivity options for modern network environments.


  • Secure Network Connection: Protects data with multi-user login and password controls
  • Email Notification: Real-time alerts for immediate response to UPS events
  • SNMP Agent TRAP Notification: Ensures continuous monitoring and management
  • WakeOnLan: Allows remote server restarts to minimize downtime
  • NTP/NTS Synchronization: Keeps UPS clock accurate
  • Server Shutdown Protocol: Ensures orderly shutdown with JNC or VIRTUAL-JNC software
  • Additional Protocols: Includes SSH, RADIUS, SYSLOG for comprehensive network integration
  • IoT Gateway: Facilitates digital services and advanced connectivity


  • Compatibility: Netys PR RT, ITYS3, Netys RT3, Masterys UPS
  • Network Compliance: 1Gb network compatible
  • Security Protocols: TLS 1.3, NTP, SYSLOG
  • Cybersecurity Improvements: Enhanced protection features
  • Protocols Supported: SNMP, SSH, RADIUS, SYSLOG
  • Notification Methods: Email, SNMP agent TRAP
  • Remote Management: WakeOnLan, JNC protocol for server shutdown
  • Time Synchronization: NTP/NTS
  • IoT Gateway: Enabled for digital services


1-year limited warranty

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