Axis Indoor Touch 2.0 White

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The Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit guarantees reliable video door communication. The Android OS more powerful hardware and simple user interface make it easy to integrate the Axis Indoor Touch 2.0 with third-party applications. For example home automation systems can be comfortably operated on the 7 touch screen made of tempered glass.

The 7 colour touch screen display offers a detailed image of your visitors. You certainly dont have to worry about scratching the 4 mm tempered glass by your shopping bag. Android OS support and more powerful hardware allows easy installation of third-party applications such as home automation systems. Weve even pre-installed applications by Axis because we belong to the same family/group.

The video indoor communicator can be connected to a single Ethernet cable which provides power and communication. If you cant install new cabling simply choose the WiFi version. The Axis Indoor Touch 2.0 offers a specially modified home screen which even inexperienced users will find easy to use. The most popular and frequently used applications are available with one click. Its easy to connect a doorbell button by the entrance door to a flat to the Axis Indoor Touch 2.0. When the doorbell rings the unit will start playing your pre-selected melody.

  • Durable 7 HD touch screen
  • Integration with home automation systems
  • Easy connection
  • A clear easy to use home screen
  • Attractive award-winning design
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