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Noontec N5 Gigalink NAS bundle

With mobile devices and computers constantly becoming cheaper, and the quantity of them per household on the rise, a NAS makes sense for people who constantly want to access data from different devices in different locations.

Killer Hardware tested the GigaLink N5 out for a few weeks now, and it has played nice with the 10 computers, laptops, phones and tablets that are used in his household.

The GigaLink N5 is jam-packed full of features, fulfilling the needs for the most basic of user who just wants to do weekly back up of their documents, to the more advanced user who will take advantage of dynDNS support so they can access their files at home whilst they are out and about.

Whilst stocks last, you can grab one for just $25 when bundled with a 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB hard drive in the same order. That's a saving of over $50 - don't expect this to last for long!

23rd Jan 2013

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