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No - we don't believe it's fair to annoy our customers with the "drip pricing" model that the rest of the PC industry seems to have adopted from the airline and ticketing industries. Other retailers typically hide as much as 50% of their product mark-up in various unexpected surcharges shown only in their checkouts, instead of making all their mark-up a part of the product price. They do this to ensure that a lower-but-unobtainable list price is shown to Google and the price-comparison-site crawlers, since the crawlers are blocked from going through their checkouts, where the surcharges are hidden.

Unlike the rest, we do not charge extra to accept credit cards or Paypal, we automatically self-insure all goods that we ship for no additional charge to you, system assembly is available at no extra cost.

"Preorder" means neither we, nor the importer, have any stock right now. If the importer has stock in transit, an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) will be displayed for when the importer expects to receive stock. When it says No ETA, the importer has no stock in transit yet, and we do not know when it can be supplied.
The stock status on the site is updated from our inventory management system once a day, so there are some times when products sell out during the day and still show as in-stock on the site. We ship a lot of gear every day, so it's also possible for the quantity on hand to be incorrect if other people have purchased the same product before you and their order has not yet left the building. If you want to confirm real-time stock, contact us and we'll check the shelves for you. 

Can I add more products to an existing order after placing it?

Credit-card PCI security compliance means we can't store your credit card details, so please place another order.


Hey, I've seen this product normally worth $hundreds listed at $2 - can I get 10 of them?

One of the downsides to doing regular price updates with supplier datafeeds is that the suppliers will occasionally stuff-up their data and give us prices of $0 or $1 for products, when the correct price they sell for is actually way higher than that. This kind of error is occasionally passed on to our update engine, due to the fact that we can't parse all these updates by hand, because there's more than 18,000 products to update daily.
We normally catch these supplier errors when they happen, but the occasional one does get through to our site - please note that we will not complete any orders where a supplier update has resulted in an obviously-incorrect price - errors and omissions are excepted as part of our terms of sale, so we will normally cancel any such orders.