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Review of the Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard

We're just discovered this review of the Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac (FK303QBT):

Peter Cohen, iMore

"Matias is the king of Mac-compatible mechanical keyboards; their Tactile Pro line has long dominated the market, but it's taken knocks for actually being too loud. Their solution to that problem was the Quiet Pro, which felt the same but dampened the noise considerably. But the Quiet Pro is wired and it's a full-sized keyboard, complete with num pad. Now Matias has taken what it's learned from the Quiet Pro and adapted it to a tenkeyless Bluetooth keyboard that it sells as the Laptop Pro. The result is stunning. It feels great and sounds marvelous - using it is a complete sensory experience, and my typing precision increased considerably every time I used it.... Without question, the Laptop Pro provided the best keyfeel of any keyboard I tested."

In his review, he compares what he considers to be the three best bluetooth tenkeyless keyboards for Mac. The top three are the Apple Wireless Keyboard, a model from Logitech (that pairs multiple devices), and the Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard (which he considers to have the best keyfeel of any keyboard he's tested)

2nd Oct 2013

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