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EPOS | Sennheiser Eu limiter inline adapter ED - RJ 9 (85db avarage for 8 h work day)

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This cable is fitted with an Easy Disconnect (ED) plug at one end, and a RJ 9 at the other. The headset can be connected directly to the phone with no additional bottom cable required. CEUL 32 has an 01 wire configuration.

CEUL 31/32 cables work with wideband headsets too, but please note that the speaker volume is significantly lower compared to when connected with narrowband headsets.
For more information about your phone compatibility with our headsets please go to our Compatibility Guide.


Low noise exposure during the work day - the average incoming audio signal remains below 85 dB throughout an 8-hour working day.

Easy setup – just connect the cable.

Compatible for all SH- and CC-Headsets*

Technical Data

Connector ED to RJ 9 (CSTD 01)
Cable length 70 cm / 27,56 in
Weight 35,4 g
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Additional Information

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