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Noontec V9S Dual-Tuner Media Player arrives!

Do you remember the Noontec V9-T Dual-Tuner media player - we've sold thousands of them, and were disappointed when Noontec stopped making them ages ago.

Well, now Noontec have released a replacement, called the Noontec Moviehome V9S, with updated features like USB3.0 and 3TB drive support!

The Noontec Moviehome V9S is a personal video recorder (PVR) with dual high definition DVB-T digital TV tuner, which allows you to play and record free-to-air TV.  It is also an excellent full HD 1080p media player that will play all popular videos, smoothly.

Replacing the old Noontec best seller the Moviehome V9T, the Noontec Moviehome V9S has added support of USB 3.0, up to 3TB hard disk (not included) as well as Gigabit LAN. 

The Noontec Moviehome V9S is a great entertainment product and an amazing gift for that special someone, in all seasons.

Sold as a bare unit, it's ready to add your choice of 3.5inch desktop SATA hard drive up to a huge 3TB.

20th Dec 2012

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