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New review at Dansdata - Noontec Gigalink N5 NAS

New review at Dansdata - Noontec Gigalink N5 NAS

It's been a while, but Dan has cranked out another of his eminently-readable reviews of PC gear.

From the review:

"The Noontec N5 does everything most people - which is to say, I - want from a single-drive network-attached storage box. It accepts SATA hard drives up to "3Tb" in size (explanation of those scare quotes down here). It has a gigabit Ethernet interface, for speed."

"It even looks quite nice, in that anonymous shiny white pseudo-Apple-ish way. The minimalist front panel has one tiny LED, that glows blue most of the time, and orange if it has something to tell you."


We're currently offering them at a crazy price when bundled with a HDD, so head on over to Dansdata to find out why you should grab one!

11th Mar 2013

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