Deepcool Earlkase RGB V2 ATX Case With RGB Lighting System

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*With RGB Lighting System: Manual controller + RGB V Strip at front + RF120 RGB Fan at rear + 2 extra ports for expansion; also supports Motherboard 4Pin RGB_HEADER SYNC Control. *1.0mm thickness all-metal front panel. *Full-size tempered glass side panel. * Magnetic dustproof net at top, easy for cleaning. * Supports installation of 120/140/240mm radiator liquid cooling system at Front . * Lighted I/O Ports, can be found easily even in darkness. * Movable HDD Cage, extra space available for longer PSU. * Specially designed air-taking slot-holes to lead airflow from front to your Graphic Card. * One 120mm RGB fan (RF120) and one 120mm black fan pre-installed at rear and front. * Supports the installation of split-type Liquid Cooling System,mounting holes preset for the installation of water pump or tank. Remarks: The RGB lighting system is originally controlled by the Manual Controller, users can use the extra cable to switch to Motherboard 4Pin RGB_HEADER control as another option. These two options cannot be used at the same time if you want to keep all RGB devices' color changed synchronously!
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