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DasKeyboard Red Switch in stock

DasKeyboard Red Switch in stock

This is the quietest model of the Das Keyboard range. Whisper quiet, with the super awesome feel of a mechanical switch.

This model comes with the media keys, and to fit in both the function and Windows keys, has a shorter space bar than the Blue/Brown boards.

Cherry MX Red switches are similar to the Cherry MX Blacks in that they are both categorized as linear, non-tactile.

This means that their feel remains constant through each up-down key stroke. Where they differ from the Cherry MX Black switches is in their resistance; they require less force to actuate. The result is a feel that most perceive as “smoother” and “faster,”

We also have the full range of Blue and Brown switch boards, as well as the blank Ultimate, and Mac versions, in stock now

29th Aug 2013

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