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Intel Passive Heat Sink for Socket 2011 S2600CW Boards

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Intel Passive Heat Sink for Socket 2011 S2600CW Boards - Passive heat sink (92mm x 100mm) for the Intel Server Board S2600CW family 

The Intel Passive Heat Sink (AUPCWPBTP) is designed to deliver efficient heat dissipation for processors that belong in the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4/v3 family outfitted in Intel S2600CW server boards with Intel Socket-R LGA2011 CPU sockets.  Its dimensions make it ideal for use in server systems that use the Intel P4000 chassis.  

P4000 chassis compatibility

The Intel Passive Heatsink for S2600CW Intel server boards conducts and dissipates heat efficiently for compatible server-grade Intel Xeon processors.  Its 92mm x 100mm form factor fits perfectly in Intel P4000 server chassis which can house an Intel S2600CW motherboard equipped with two Intel Xeon E5-2600 series CPUs.

The specially-engineered Intel Passive Heatsink for the Intel S2600 server board housed in an Intel P4000 pedestal chassis provides excellent thermal management, ensuring heat is quickly conducted from its baseplate, through its heat pipes, and dissipated away via its heatsink's highly durable fins. 

Two passive heat sinks (92mm x 100mm) for the Intel® Server Boards S2600CP, S2600IP, S2600CO in P4000 chassis

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