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4Cabling 5m SC-ST OM4 Multimode Fibre Optic Cable - Salmon Pink

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5m SC-ST OM4 Multimode Fibre Optic Cable Salmon Pink: 2mm Oversleeving

OM4 is backwards compatible with OM3 Fibre optic.

Fibre patch cables are thin, flexible fibres of glass that carry data, telephone conversations and emails high speed all over the world in a matter of seconds with much less interference than copper patch lead. Fibre Optic cables need less amplification to boost signals so they travel better over longer distances.

4Cabling 's OM4 laser optimised multimode fibre optic patch leads are immune to EMI/ RFI frequency, The multimode optical fibre cables are manufactured using LSZH cables which conform to IEC, EIA TIA and Telcordia standards, ensuring minimal toxic gas emission in the event of a fire, this is often a requirement for many data centres and critical area applications. LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sometimes referred to as LS0H is the material of choice for a green installation for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

4Cabling Multimode Fibre Optics leads provide a cost-effective solution for your cabling requirements.


  • 4Cabling OM4 fibre patch leads conform to ISO/IEC 11801 & to ITU-T G.651.1, TIA/EIA 492AAAC and 492AAAD
  • Individually labelled for lead tracing
  • Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cable
  • Manufactured with stringent quality control
  • 100% optically tested for insertion loss to guarantee high quality&
  • All leads are supplied with a factory test report
  • Machine UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) connector
  • All ends are polished and individually inspected for correct polishing
  • Supports high-speed multi-channel data, voice & video applications
  • Supports up to 100Gb transfer speeds
  • Duplex ndash; Blue jacket zip cord
  • UL approved fibre optic cables
  • OM4 thickness 50 / 125mu;m (Core/Outside Cladding) Multimode (backwards compatible with OM3)
  • LC-ST Fibre Termination
  • Length: 5m
  • Colour: Salmon Pink
  • Oversleeving: 2mm

What is the difference between OM3 and OM4 fibre network?

  • Termination of the connectors are the same&
  • Transceivers are the same (both operate 850nm VCSELS (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers)
  • The same core size of 50/125mu;m&
  • Both fibres are Laser Optimised Multimode Fibre (LOMMF).
  • OM4 is backwards compatible with OM3

The difference is the construction of the fibre cable, in that OM4 cable has better attenuation and can operate at a higher bandwidth than OM3 (4700 MHz versus 2500). This means OM4 can transmit more data within the same distance.

Below illustration will highlight the main differences between fibre modes:


3-year limited warranty.

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