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Z170 / Skylake arrives at last!

It's been delayed, but Intel's only new enthusiast platform update for this year has finally been released!

Skylake uses socket LGA1151 and sits roughly between the Z97 / LGA1150 and X99 / LGA2011 platforms. It has a little more CPU performance than the LGA1150-series CPUs, and has the same number of cores, but Skylake uses faster DDR4 RAM, consumes less power due to a die-shrink, and the Z170 chipset brings USB3.1 Type-C connectors to the PC arena for the first time. 

The Z97 LGA1150 DDR3 platform looks set to continue for some time, as it is not being obsoleted - consider Z97 for the value end of the spectrum. 

You can't use Skylake CPUs with earlier LGA1150/1155/1156 boards, but the CPU cooler requirement is the same and earlier LGA115x coolers will suit.

CPUs are all in stock and available here - CPU coolers are not included with Skylake K-series unlocked CPUs, so you'll either need to pinch one from an earlier LGA115x system, or add one here. Non-K CPUs include a cooler.

Motherboards are still a little scarce, but MSI and ASRock are in stock with us today, Gigabyte tomorrow, Asus some time later.

Buy a CPU and motherboard together, and you can grab a $22 discount - just use the promo code "LGA1151" at the checkout.

6th Aug 2015 Michael

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