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Video Card availability Update

Due to the alt-coin-mining Ponzi-scam currently afflicting the world, all middle-range graphics cards are in high demand. 

As a result, most importers have sold out their shipments in advance, are imposing maximum quantity limits, are forcing retailers to bundle cards with other undesirable stock, and stock is flying off the shelves so fast that none of it sits there long enough for the stock quantity updates to flow through to us retailers accurately.

Given that the importers only update their stock availability once a day, it's not possible for us to get an accurate indication of the real stock on hand from them, so please accept that any in-stock indications for video cards on our site are likely to be out of date until this situation is over. 

You don't need to call us, as we are only going to say "there's no video cards that you want in stock".

21st Jun 2017 Michael

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