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Review: Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboards

9to5Mac have reviewed the Matias Aluminium Wireless Keyboard:

"Although I’m a big fan of tactile,clicky mechanical keyboards, I also enjoy the sleekness, quiet keys, and wireless nature ofApple’s Magic Keyboard. I wish Apple would make a full-size Magic Keyboard, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Thankfully Matias, a computer accessory manufacturer that’s been around since the 90s, is offering its own take on what an Apple-made full-sized wireless keyboard could be like. The end result is an impressive rendition of Apple design principles, coupled with a few bonus features that truly make this keyboard worth considering.

Have a look at our full video walkthrough for a hands-on look at the Space Gray version of Matias’ Wireless Aluminum Keyboard."

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3rd Mar 2017 Michael

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