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New Mechanical Keyboard from Korea - nKeyboard Mechanic LED

We've received a startling new keyboard from Korea today - the MechanicLED

You have to see it to believe it - not just any LED-backlit 'board - this one has programmable sound-sensitive lighting that can be adjusted in a bewildering variety of ways to accommodate just about any need. Youtube videos here

You want macros? This thing has macros to the 'nth degree, so you can pre-program a range of sequences for both keys and timing cadences, eg if you want to automate repetitive grinding tasks in MMOs.

On top of that, it's a quality mech 'board with n-Key Rollover, Cherry MX Red linear-feel switches, multimedia keys, Windows lock-out key, a detachable USB cable, and more. Check out the product page below.

We've got a limited quantity of this rare board on hand, and we're cheaper than eBay, so grab one whilst they last.

11th Feb 2015 Michael

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