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Interesting Builds 30/01/2014

If you've paid a visit to AusPC, you've probably seen our downstairs workshop where we build 5-10 PCs a day. 

These are usually made from whatever parts a customer selects, at no extra charge, although we do have some pre-defined systems you can pick from, for gaming, servers, or Photoshop usage.

Today we built a stack of tiny NUC (Next Unit Of Computing) boxes:

Perfect for a PC that needs to be invisible, or hidden behind digital signage.  They fit in the palm of your hand and have room for a 2.5inch laptop hard drive or SSD, and Laptop memory. Digital video and plenty of USB ports make them ideal to clip to the back of a monitor or home TV.

To give you an idea just how small they are, here's one next to a video card:

Gigabyte also make their own version, called Brix - here's one next to a desktop hard drive for comparison:

30th Jan 2014 Michael Vorstermans

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