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AusPC has migrated to a new shopping cart system today.

If you are seeing this message, you are on our new website!

Existing customers will be able to login as usual, and you'll find that there's a range of new features:

  • Many more products are now listed - almost double the previous range! Perennially out-of-stock-at-supplier products are no longer displayed.
  • We're only showing products that are in stock with our nearby suppliers, and products that we have stock of at Auburn, now with a quantity displayed in the product's details.
  • The "Ask A Question" form is now more obvious and will save you time on phonecalls about products.
  • You can now create and save a range of different shipping/billing addresses in your account, and easily choose between them during checkout.
  • A saved-carts feature called "Wishlists" is available, and can be shared globally, ideal for giving gifts.
  • Freight is now calculated automatically at the View-Cart page, in the View Cart and at checkout, for products that are too large to qualify for free freight.
  • Picking slips that get packed with your orders won't contain any prices, ideal for drophipping or gifts.
  • A complete copy of your order will be emailed to you automatically at the time you place your order.
  • Credit cards are now charged at the time of checkout - if you've insufficient funds, or a typo in your details, you'll be warned about it right away.
  • iPhone and Android users will be served a mobile-friendly version of the site, but you can choose to go to the full-fat version from the bottom of each mobile page.
  • Shipping emails now contain a direct link to the parcel's tracking page for courier tracking updates after the end of the day.

There's bound to be a few bugs, so please let us know if you have any difficulties. Things we know about:

The new site does not have any of your previous order history prior to October 2012. If you need a copy of an invoice from before 28/09/2012, just email us and give us the details of your order (Email address you ordered via, approximate date of order).

The new cart may not have every postcode in Australia listed. Should the checkout tell you that we don't ship to your suburb, please email us your suburb and postcode so we can add it in.

21st Jan 2013

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