Aten Daisy Chain Cable Set DB25M - DB25F 5m

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Aten's 2L-1705 is a 5m cable suitable for daisy-chaining together specific models of Aten KVMs for expanding your management capacity. It features DB25M to DB25F connectors and is compatible for use with the following models:

  • CL-1008MA
  • CL-1008NA
  • CL-5708MA
  • CL-5716MA
  • CS-1708A
  • CS-1708IP
  • CS-1716A
  • CS-1716IP
  • KH1508
  • KH1508-I
  • KH1516
  • KH1516-I
  • KL1508MA
  • KL1508NA
  • KL1508MA-I
  • KL1508NA-I
  • KL1516MA
  • KL1516NA
  • KL1516MA-I
  • KL1516NA-I

If you have an older model Aten KVM switch featuring the DB25 Daisy Chain port please check the manufacturer's site for full compatible model listing.

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