4Pros - Professional UTP/STP Cable Stripper

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4Pro's - Professional UTP/STP Cable Stripper 4Pro's Professional UTP/STP Cable Stripper is suitable for UTP/STP wire, flat and round wires and multi conductor cables from 3.2 mm-9 mm max. The irregular out-shape insulation can be put the front “V”and “U” guide, rotate the tool 1-3 times by index finger for stripping the outer insulations easily. Features       Strips round, flat and multicore telephone cables.           1/2" & 1/4" stripping length are available for flat cable.            Adjusts blade depth by a knob additional adjustable knob for fitting different cable sizes Specs Material: ABS and fiber glass Colour: Black Dimensions: 112mm Warranty 1 year limited warranty.
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