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Container of Lian Li cases has arrived!

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We've unpacked the container and shipped all the backorders - there's still some available to buy, hit this link to see the in-stock Lian Li cases, height-adjustable desks, and accessories we have ready for immediate delivery.

Lian Li Update

The current shipment of Lian Li cases and desks is on the water now, and the ship expects to dock around the 28th September. We should see the container through customs and release 3-4 days later, and we'll email all customers with backorders once the stock is ready to despatch. If you have not yet ordered [...]

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New review at MikesGear - Home Automation

Control your home’s heating, cooling and more via IR with Google Home and RM3 MiniGoogle Home has been available in ‘straya for a couple of months now, and it works well at controlling new “smart” wifi LED bulbs and power points. What if you want to use it to voice-control your other appliances – the [...]

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Lian Li Case container update

The Lian Li factory is finalising our current case and accessory container, and we have listed all the up-coming and in-stock case models here.  This container will be bringing the hotly-demanded DK-04 and DK-05 desks, along with the O8 and O11 gaming cases. Cases we have on hand for immediate delivery are marked as "In stock". All [...]

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Matias and Filco Keyboard Review

Came across an interesting review today - "9 great keyboards for coders". Grab one of the boards mentioned, and you'll get a 5% discount until next week (1st August) for Filco and Matias 'boards. Excerpts below: "The Tactile Pro4 is Matias' answer to the Model M. It has an industrial look and feel, but it's easier [...]

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Video Card availability Update

Due to the alt-coin-mining Ponzi-scam currently afflicting the world, all middle-range graphics cards are in high demand. As a result, most importers have sold out their shipments in advance, are imposing maximum quantity limits, are forcing retailers to bundle cards with other undesirable stock, and stock is flying off the shelves so fast that none of [...]

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